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got dat pomade so I can neaten up the #moustache and possibly the hair after a cut

got dat pomade so I can neaten up the #moustache and possibly the hair after a cut

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when you play a trick on someone, and deceive them

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The Evil Dead - Sam Raimi’s low budget camera rigs

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There's a movie on TV.

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A few 2014 horror movies I’m looking forward to, I have a much bigger list so I might make a part 2 if this goes down well.


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This scene was brilliant perfect amazing written by Jesus.

morgan freeman isn’t in the bone collector, sorry jesus

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I just want a friendship like Paul Thomas Anderson and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

or pta and john c. reilly

or william h. macy and paul thomas anderson

joaquin and big paulie a.

julianne moore and papa p-town

what I’m saying is want to be friends with Paul Thomas Anderson.

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